Not Just CBD

We believe in utilizing the entire cannabis plant, not just CBD. Our products are crafted with a wide variety of cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, Δ8, and Δ9) as well as terpenes so that customers can finally find a product that is truly best for them.

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Different Terpenes For A Reason

Terpenes are compounds found within the hemp plant that influence how the body is affected by CBD or THC. A hemp variety rich in the terpene Linalool will be very relaxing while a variety rich in Limonene will provide more stimulating effects. Terpenes are also found in many other botanical and natural sources. Limonene, for example, is found in lemons, and Linalool in lavender.

Our selection of terpenes is dependent upon scientific research to create our unique effects-based products. Terpenes interact with our bodies in similar ways as CBD does and are the future of multi-molecule (full-spectrum) hemp product formulation.

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Seventh Hill's Full Spectrum CBD products all contain less than .3% THC and are compliant with the Agricultural Act of 2018.