Seventh Hill Hemp Derived Products
Seventh Hill Hemp Derived Products
Seventh Hill Delta 9 THC Caramels

Beyond CBD

We believe in utilizing the entire hemp plant, not just CBD. This is why our products contain a wide variety of cannabinoids including Delta 9 THC, CBD, CBN, Delta 8 THC- as well as terpenes so that customers can finally find a product that is truly best for them.

Traditional & High Potency Products

  • Vegan Unwind Caramels Vegan Unwind Caramels
  • 2:1 Rise Delta 9 THC Caramels 2:1 Rise Delta 9 THC Caramels
  • CBN Chill Oil CBN Chill Oil
  • 2:1 Inspire Delta 9 THC Caramels 2:1 Inspire Delta 9 THC Caramels
  • Rise CBD Oil Rise CBD Oil
  • 1:1 Delta 9 THC Balance Caramels 1:1 Delta 9 THC Balance Caramels
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    Hand Made CBD Products
    Enhanced With Botanical Terpenes

    Different Terpenes For Different Effects

    Terpenes are organic compounds found within the hemp plant that influence how the body is affected by CBD or THC. For instance, a hemp variety rich in the terpene Linalool will be very relaxing while a variety rich in Limonene will provide more stimulating effects. Terpenes are also found in many other botanical and natural sources. Limonene, for example, is found in lemons, and Linalool in lavender.

    Because terpenes are naturally found in hemp, it only seemed appropriate to use them in our hemp derived products. Using isolated terpenes, we curated our blends upon scientific research to build the most harmonious profiles centered around their effects. 

    Hemp Cones

    Five-Star Google Review from Elizabeth S.

    Pure authentic affordable products. I was on the search for a pure CBD oil for my daughter who is autistic. It was trial and error until I found Seventh Hill from a local store in my state. I’m so grateful to have found their product. Our little girl has gone from nonverbal to verbal. She’s finding her voice and it’s been amazing. We take the inspire in the day and the unwind in the evening. Their unwind caramels help my insomnia by far! I get deep sleep and wake up so refreshed. We are devoted customers for sure…”

    Seventh Hill’s Hemp Derived Products

    Seventh Hill’s hemp derived products are built upon two changing variables: potency & effects.

    The potency is measured by cannabinoid content. Some of our variations have high amounts of CBD while others have high amounts of Delta 9 THC- or visa versa. We love strategically stacking different cannabinoids in our variations so that you can find the exact effects you are looking for. For example, a high CBD/low THC hemp derived edible will be light on your body with significant mental relief. Whereas a high THC/low CBD hemp derived edible will have the opposite effect. Further, an edible with an equal amount of both CBD and THC will be significantly more potent both mentally & physically.

    The effects are dependent on the terpenes we use. Our products are enhanced with a unique blend of terpenes, which is essentially hand-crafting the perfect indica/sativa/hybrid experience. Each of our blends are assigned their own color, name, song title, and graphic to represent the terpenes used in their corresponding blend. Our “sativa” for example, is our Rise blend; it is represented with a hue of yellow, the song “Lucy in the Sky” and a lemon and pine graphic. 

    Not sure where to start? Check out this blog where we break down our hemp derived products and these changing variables even further.

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    Seventh Hill's Hemp Derived products all contain less than .3% THC and are compliant with the Agricultural Act of 2018.