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march 30, 2020

Arbitrary THC Limits in Hemp Hinder Research and Development

Hemp is legally defined as cannabis containing less than .3% THC. Learn more about what this means and how it hinders the future of the Hemp plant and the industry.

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How to Read a Certificate of Analysis

Do you know how to properly digest a products Certificate of Analysis (COA)? Knowing how to read a COA is crucial when making sure products are both legally compliant and true in their claims.

March 24, 2020

Understanding CBD Education & Terminology

Nowadays, phrases like “Full Spectrum”, “Broad Spectrum”, or “THC-Free” are being used to define products without breaking down what exactly this means, or even providing the necessary tests to prove these claims. We are here to bridge that gap.

November 06, 2019

More About Terpenes

Terpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds found in nature. In this article, we break down terpenes and how they work in harmony with our bodies. Plus, which terpenes we use in our products and why we use them.

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With the global health crisis that is currently happening, we are happy to offer our customers 10% off our regular prices as well as free shipping on all orders!

Free Hand Sanitizer with Every Purchase

We personally went through our hand sanitzer stash within just a few days of quarantine starting, so we decided to source all organic ingredients and make some ourselves + enough to share.

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