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Two Changing Variables:
Potency & Effects

Seventh Hill’s hemp-derived products are built upon two changing variables: potency and effects. Potency depends on the cannabinoid content whereas effects depend on terpene content. Seventh Hill’s products let you mix and match your favorite cannabinoids and terpenes for a custom hemp-derived experience that works for you.

Potency is represented through cannabinoid content. Using a combination of, or different proportions of cannabinoids can change the overall effects of a hemp product. For example, an edible with just CBD is going to have a lot less pronounced body effects compared to an edible with 2:1 CBD:THC.

Seventh Hill is proud to be one of the few companies that uses a wide variety of cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, Delta 9 THC, CBN, Delta 8 THC and more! All of our products contain at least two cannabinoids but if you check out the COAs, you’ll see most of them have even more than that. We are firm believers (and so is science) that the more cannabinoids the merrier- but that doesn’t always mean more per dose. Seventh Hill’s products are potent in a way that kindly hits your mind, body, and soul whereas products with high mg-count of just one cannabinoid tend to feel a little flat. 

Seventh Hill’s hemp-derived products come in a wide range of potencies including high CBD for treating anxiety, CBN for sleep, or high THC for treating body pain. A product with a 2:1 & 1:1 ratio will be much more potent than variations with high CBD and CBN. 

Effects are influenced by our terpene blends. Terpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds found in every single flowering specimen. They are in pretty much everything that grows from the ground. There is myrcene in mangoes, beta caryophyllene in spices, and linalool in flowers. Terpenes are also found in cannabis! 

With a lot of research and trial and error, we have crafted a collection of terpene blends using isolated organic terpenes from True Terpenes. Our terpene blends provide our products with consistent and reliable effects in every batch. Whether you are looking for a Sativa CBD Oil, a Vegan Indica Caramel, or something right in the middle– we’ve got just the thing.

To learn more about our potent edibles and terpene infused products, check out this blog where we break down these concepts even more. 

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Seventh Hill’s products are broken into three categories: sativa, hybrid, and indica. Within these pages, you will find a collection of Seventh Hill products with the corresponding effects.

Our products are in order from lowest to highest potency on each page to make browsing easier.

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Organic + Natural Ingredients

Seventh Hill’s Caramels are so delicious because they are made with quality, fresh, natural and organic ingredients. Our infused candy starts with a base of organic brown sugar, butter, heavy cream and corn syrup (which I didn’t even know was possible). Are you plant-based looking for a vegan edible? Seventh Hill has a Vegan Caramel, too!

Seventh Hill’s CBD Oils are also made with just four natural and organic ingredients. In fact our oils are made using this top-quality organic hemp-seed oil that is made with hulled out hemp seeds + a cold press method for the richest, healthiest product possible. 

Five Star CBD + THC Products

This review is well overdue!! I can’t express how much I love this company and their products. Their Unwind CBD Oil has done wonders for my dad who at one point, was sleeping 2 hours a night. With only a few drops, he now sleeps over 7 hours a night with the help of this tincture! My mom is a personal fan of the caramels; the perfect amount of sweetness/chewy/melty consistency in her opinion. As for me, it’s the flower that gives me the perfect terpene enhancement to my bowls. So happy to be supporting this business and their lovely family!”

Taylor on Google

“The most delicious vegan caramels, super fast shipping, very friendly customer service oh, and the package was very beautifully done. Will be back!”

Matthew on Google

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