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What is THCV?

Updated April 6, 2024
By Alexa Ooley

Seventh Hill is proud to utilize a wide variety of cannabinoids in our products. Our latest endeavor has been exploring the powerhouse cannabinoid, THCV. Our 1:1 THCV Gummies are crafted with an uplifting sativa terpene profile inspired by Sour Diesel plus a delicious organic watermelon flavoring. But what is THCV? What effects does THCV have and what are it’s benefits? We’ll cover all of that and more in this blog.

What is THCV?

THCV, otherwise known as Tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a naturally occuring cannabinoid found in many hemp and cannabis flower, especially sativa strains. It binds with our CB1 and CB2 receptors similar to THC but has much less intoxicating effects possibly because of their molecular structures (1). In fact, the primary difference between THCV and THC is the presence of a 3-carbon group rather than a 5-carbon molecular group. However the two cannabinoids have widely different effects. THCV does provide a subtle euphoric sensation, just not quite as strong or pronounced as THC. This makes THCV a much more manageable cannabinoid and far less intimidating to explore.

What effects does THCV have?

While THCV will not get you the most stoned, its effects are still extremely pleasant. THCV gives a mild euphoric feeling that can be both uplifting and stimulating, without causing anxiety or overwhelming effects. In fact, THCV has shown tremendous promise for relieving anxiety and managing PTSD (2). For those who struggle with anxiety, THCVs effects can help keep your head feeling clear and focused. 

What benefits does THCV provide?

THCV has a wide variety of benefits that can help so many people. From managing anxiety, to even managing your appetite! Here’s a short list:

Who may benefit from THCV:

With such a wide variety of benefits, THCV has something to offer everybody. Folks who seek relief from this plant but need to have a clear head could greatly benefit from using THCV. Or perhaps someone trying to get back in control of their diet and health, THCVs ability to control glycemic in folks with type 2 diabetes (3). There is a wide variety of people who could benefit from this cannabinoid.

Ways to use THCV:

Slowly introducing THCV into your routine is a great place to start. Pairing THCV with other familiar cannabinoids could help ease this powerhouse cannabinoid into your daily life. Based off of its nature, I would recommend starting with a product with at least 10mg of THCV in each serving and increase as needed.

Experience is paramount.

As with any cannabinoid, its effects are different for everybody and the best way to find out is to try it for yourself! We recommend starting with a low dosage and working your way up from there as needed. If you are curious about THCV and would like to try it for yourself, check out our THCV gummies at the link below!

1:1 THCV Sativa Gummies

15mg THCV | 15mg CBG

The extra boost of energy we all need crafted with a brand new cannabinoid, THCV. THCV is a stimulating cannabinoid, some call it “natures adderall”, combined with CBG, expect an extreme boost in energy and focus, with a very small amount of psychoactivity. Not psychoactive in the traditional sense like Delta 9 THC.

Each pack comes with ten pieces of watermelon flavored gummies with 15mg of THCV and 15m of CBG in each piece plus a sativa-hybrid terpene profile inspired by Watermelon Diesel.

WARNING: CAN BE MILDLY INTOXICATING!! Do not operate heavy machinery when using this product. Not for those under 21 years old. Keep out of reach of children.