Unique Quick Tips for Introducing CBD into Your Morning Routine

February 12, 2021
by david nadel

CBD is a highly versatile product that can be taken at any time of day.  And, given its many properties that have been studied over the years, it’s clear that it can be taken for all kinds of things relating to both our physical and mental state of being.

There are a lot of people who associate hemp with sleep, as it is known for its blissful properties.  But the truth is that CBD, being a cannabinoid, plays a role in maintaining the body’s homeostasis by binding to various cannabinoid receptors that regulate and balance the functions of our body that keep us active and feeling our best each day.  Therefore, taking cannabidiol in the morning may offer unique effects that are particularly useful early on in the day.

So, we will be sharing some tips for taking CBD in the morning, according to different reasons for using it during the first half of the day.

CBD for Early-Morning Workout Enthusiasts

A lot of fitness enthusiasts prefer to workout in the morning, either because it lets them get their exercise done before going to their job, or because their energy peaks early on in the day.  If you are into working out during the earlier hours, CBD may be a great companion to your fitness regimen.

If you want to use CBD in hopes of an energy boost, try taking a CBD tincture, gummy, or even a CBD-infused energy drink about 30 minutes before your workout begins.  This will allow the compounds in hemp to peak right when you hit the gym (or watch that workout video on YouTube). 

When you’re done working out, we recommend using a CBD topical solution on the muscles you were focusing on.  This is to allow the cannabinoid to interact with the muscles and joints during the recovery process.

CBD for Those Who Have to Go to Work Before Sunrise

Some of us have jobs that require that we leave the house before the sun even comes up.  While some people can handle this routine just fine, others never get used to the idea of driving off in the dark each day.  If you have to be bright and alert at an unusually early hour, CBD might be able help.

We suggest taking CBD in a sublingual form right before getting into the car, so that it peaks in the body about 30 to 45 minutes after your dosage.  Tinctures are the ideal choice, as they typically remain active in the body for about 4 hours, so if you need another dose later on during the workday, feel free to go for another dropper’s worth.

CBD for Those Who Have a Hard Time Getting Out of Bed

Not all of us are early birds.  For many, waking up each morning can be a serious struggle, and we may find ourselves hitting the snooze button way too many times before we feel ready to face the day.  There are all kinds of reasons why we may struggle to get out of bed, and one of the most common reasons is depression, which interferes with our motivation to be productive, while increasing feelings of intense fatigue no matter how much we slept the night before.

If you can relate, CBD might be able to offer some assistance.  Taking CBD sublingually when you wake up can give you the boost to escape the comfort of the covers and face the day ahead.  Because of its effects on energy cycles, you might experience a nice, natural boost that helps you feel clear-minded, motivated, and optimistic.

We recommend that if you fall into this category, that you keep a bottle of CBD oil next to your bed.  This way, when you wake up, simply reach over and grab the bottle to take a dose.  Wait about 30 minutes for the compounds to fully absorb into the body.

CBD for Those with a Supplement Routine

Some people want to take CBD in the morning simply because that is when they take their daily supplements, and so it is easy to remember to take their daily dose during this time.  If so, make sure that you store your CBD product with your daily supplements so that you never forget to incorporate it into your routine.  Remember that CBD, like supplements, must be stored in a cool, dark, and dry place to keep the compounds fresh and active, as they degrade over time, especially if left in unfavorable environments.

CBD can be taken with supplements, so you do not need to worry about your cannabidiol interacting badly with your vitamins, minerals, or herbs.  However, it is still best to read the labels on the supplements you take first as well as also consult with your doctor before deciding to do so.

CBD for Those Who Wake Up to Pain

Waking up with pain is a reality for many Americans, as chronic pain can be caused by all kinds of fairly common factors.  Regardless of the cause, chronic pain can make getting out of bed extremely difficult and can interfere with important tasks including cleaning and even going to work.

If you do experience chronic pain that affects you in the morning, you can give CBD a try.  We recommend going with both sublingual and topical administration in this instance.  Sublingual CBD offers a more widespread dose of hemp to the body, which can work through every bodily system in a way that may affect how you feel.  Topical CBD can be applied directly to the painful area for fast, targeted absorption into the affected tissue of the muscles, joints, and skin.

CBD for Those Who Have Morning Anxiety

Many people who struggle with an anxiety disorder will tell you that they wake up with anxiety, and this comes from the fact that cortisol levels are the highest first thing in the morning.  If this is something that you deal with on a regular basis, keep a bottle of CBD at your bedside, and take a dose when you feel those symptoms rise up.

Rise and Shine with CBD in Your Life

CBD is great for morning, afternoon, and night, being a highly versatile product that has something to offer at all hours of the day.  But, for those who could use a little help during the earliest hours of the day, a dose of hemp can really come in handy.  This advice we have shared will ensure that you get as much out of your morning CBD routine as possible to face the day feeling your absolute best.

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