Rise Oil – 1000mg

1000mg of CBD | <.3% Δ9


Our CBD Oil is made the old-fashioned way; by directly bathing our beautiful hemp flowers in pure hemp-seed oil. This infusion technique proves to be the most genuine and authentic method for creating a broad full-spectrum infusion. Opting out of using isolates and distillates, we are able to keep all amino and fatty acids intact with our oils plus other beneficial cannabinoids like THC and CBC. Further enhanced with Limonene and Pinene to help you Rise.

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  1. nichole robichaux

    Amazing product. It’s absolutely remarkable how having the full spectrum of CBD enhances the effects so well. This is the first CBD that actually makes a noticeable improvement in my anxiety, and I’ve tried a large variety from multiple vendors over about the last year. Nothing comes close to the efficacy and quality of the oils from 7th Hill. Rise in particular is very helpful for ensuring a calm but productive workday. You need to try these products if you haven’t yet.

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