Individual Revive Delta 8 THC Caramel

20mg Delta-8 THC | 10mg CBD


Be ready to have your mind blown. Delta 8 THC is taking the hemp/cannabis world by storm and here at Seventh Hill we could not pass up the opportunity to put our twist on this new and exciting cannabinoid. Delta 8 THC has mild euphoric properties very much akin to its Delta 9 THC cousin, but is 100% legal because of the Farm Bill and the fact that it is derived from hemp. But we wanted to offer more than just another Delta 8 isolate product, so we paired it with a Jack Herer terpene profile consisting of Terpinolene, Limonene, Pinene and Beta Caryophyllene. Expect an uplifting, euphoric experience. We also still use our tried and true full flower infusion to combine classic cannabinoids like CBD into the formula, so like always this caramel is Beyond Full Spectrum.

Warning: Do not operate heavy machinery when using this product. Not for those under 21 years old. Keep out of reach of children.

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