Boax Classic Hemp Cone

11.5% CBD | <.1% Δ9THC


Boax is an earthy, piney and sweet smelling strain that comes in with a CBD content of around 11%. It is a sativa leaning strain, containing the terpenes Alpha and Beta Pinene, Alpha Bisabolol and Geraniol. Expect a balanced, well-rounded experience with uplifting effects sans the anxiety. Boax is actually a great hemp strain to pair with cannabis to ward off the anxious feeling you can get when consuming too much THC. Our terpene-rich Boax flower is a great companion for your morning cup of coffee or a new addition to your typical smoke-sesh. We only use grade A buds for our Hemp Cones; hand trimmed only, never shake or B-Grade buds. Our Hemp Cones are manufactured on a bi-weekly basis, so you know that they will arrive to your doorstep fresh for your enjoyment. Our cones contain 1 gram in each cone and are available to purchase individually or in a convenient pack of ten. Our Boax flower is available as an Individual Hemp Cone, a Hemp Cone Ten Pack, and 3.5g of hand-trimmed buds.