7 Cherries Select Hemp Cone

14.5% CBD | <.1% Δ9THC


7 Cherries is one of our proprietary hemp strains. It has a sweet, floral, almost candy like aroma thanks to the terpenes Linalool, Alpha Bisabolol, and Myrcene. This "Select" flower is grown in our light deprivation greenhouse during the winter, or in our indoor room during the summer. Our Select 7 Cherries is some of the finest hemp you can find today. It tests at around 14.5% CBD making it quite potent, although potency isn't everything. For the best smoking experience you want flower that is well taken care of in the field and beyond. After being grown pesticide + chemical free, it should be hand harvested, dried in a temperature controlled room, cured to perfection and hand trimmed. These qualities are not easy to find in the current market. Most hemp farms don't take pride in the flower like we do and end up producing shaggy, grass-flavored hemp. Here at Seventh Hill we put love and attention into every bud, big or small. Our hemp cones are made on a bi-weekly basis so you can rest assured they will arrive fresh on your doorstep. 7 Cherries is an "indica" leaning strain, and thus should be used when wanting to relax, ease anxiety, or even as a sleep aid. It can also help with pain and anxiety, due to the terpenes Linalool and Myrcene. Our 7 Cherries Select is available as an Individual Hemp Cone, Hemp Cone Ten Packs, and 3.5g of hand-trimmed buds.

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  1. humboldtfairie

    these hemp cones taste absolutely delicious and can get rid of any anxiety and nauseas within a flash

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