7 Cherries Classic Individual Hemp Cone

16.4% CBD | <.1% Δ9THC


7 Cherries is one of our proprietary cultivars here at Seventh Hill. It has one of the sweetest and most floral aromas of all of our strains. Terpenes and trichomes stick to your fingers and burst with a candy-like aroma when breaking up this flower. It is an Indica leaning variety because it contains high amounts of the terpenes Linalool, Myrcene and Alpha-Bisabolol, which explains why it smells so amazing. You can expect a relaxing experience but not so relaxing that it is sedating. It has a 16.4% CBD content which makes this hemp flower relatively potent. Hand trimmed and cured flower is all we use in our cones, no trim or shake ever! Made fresh bi-weekly so you can rest assured they arrive fresh + ready for your enjoyment! Available as an Individual Hemp Cone, Hemp Cone Ten Pack, and in a jar with 7 grams of hand-trimmed buds.