Meet the Family.

Our humble team of hard-workers is the core of what makes Seventh Hill so special. With an acute attention to detail, a passion for impeccable quality and an intimate relationship with the plants, our team is able to make mindful + intentional decisions every step of the way. We each wear a couple different hats on a daily basis and our diverse skill-sets make our modest team a force to be reckoned with.  

Manager in Operations

Ryan is our number one salesman, master grower, confectionary extraordinaire, and so much more. Ryan's typical day starts with a trip to the farm where he inspects plants and helps make sure they get what they need that day. After a quick lunch-break at home, Ryan typically spends anywhere from 3-8 hours in the kitchen at night making fresh infusions + caramels. We couldn't do what we do without Ryan's unwavering love for the business and extensive plant-based knowledge. 


Favorite Seventh Hill Product:
Unwind Vegan Caramels

Lead In Operations

Jordan is our Jack of All Trades. From overall farm maintenance, helping with product production and the plants, crunching numbers, shipping management, or building our infrastructure- Jordan is our "get it done" guy. Jordan's typical day starts with a walk through the farm with his dog Ogie while evaluating + planning the day ahead. Once his daily to-do list is made, Jordan will work past sunset to make sure everything he set to do gets crossed off.


Favorite Seventh Hill Product:
Select 7 Cherries Hemp Cone

Marketing + Media Manager

Alexa is in charge of all things aesthetic. From managing our Instagram account to designing our labels- if it's pretty, Alexa has probably played a role in making it happen. Alexa's typical day starts with making a post on our Instagram account and then either a trip out to the farm to help with production- or a day at home fitting in emails, photoshoots, and design work whenever possible all while being a new mom.  



Our Story

Where it All Started

Our story begins a few years ago in Northern California with a cannabis farm located on a road called Seventh Hill. Back then, medical license owners could grow their own cannabis plants and sell their crop directly to local medicinal dispensaries. This is how Ryan first discovered his love for growing and started to share his talent with his family and local community.  

How We Got Here

As laws and regulations progressively changed, our operation migrated north to Ashland, Oregon. Here in the Rogue Valley, farmers have more freedom and hemp + cannabis grow in fields alongside orchards and vineyards. After a successful hemp harvest we took it upon ourselves to fill the gap in the industry for quality (and affordable) CBD products.

Whats In Store

Through the years we have gracefully found our footing in the industry with an intimate and transparent approach to business. Growing clean hemp flower and producing quality CBD products is our passion that we are proud to share. We are happy to ship our products straight to your door during these uncertain times- or click here to find a retail location near you.

Lets Keep
In Touch

For a look behind the scenes at the farm and in the kitchen, follow us on Instagram where we post daily updates!

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