How Can Businesses Train Their Employees Properly About Selling CBD?

February 8, 2021
by david nadel

When it comes to operating a CBD business, your business is only as good as the employees that you have hired.  This is why training is extra critical when selling hemp – CBD is such a new industry that your employees are the means for customers understanding what it is that they are buying. 

Having observed several successful and unsuccessful CBD businesses over the years, we have decided to offer a simple guide to training your staff to sell CBD products in a way that keeps customers satisfied and coming back for more.  We will be covering the options for both large and small businesses, while offering tips and tricks that can help your employees move product for a more successful business overall.

Why Training Matters in the CBD Industry

CBD is still new to the large majority of the public, which means that a good number of people visiting your business to buy cannabidiol will be people who have a lot of questions and need assistance.  Complicating matters is the fact that today’s hemp market is bursting with all kinds of unique products that are all different, which can confuse those who are totally new to cannabidiol.

Training your employees ensures that each customer has their questions answered and walks away with a product that is based on their personal needs.  The right staff will help your customers learn more about CBD, understand how to use it properly and figure out which product is right for them. 

It’s also important that customers walk away understanding how CBD works so that they can know what to expect and know what it is capable of so that they can be interested in purchasing more CBD from you in the future.

How to Properly Train Employees: The Three Pillars to Prioritize

Now, let’s talk about the specifics of employee training.  There are three pillars that must be prioritized in order to have a stellar team of staff who can maximize your business potential.

#1: Customer Service

Your staff should be trained in customer service so that customers feel like they are at home when shopping for CBD.  Staff should be friendly, attentive, patient, and enthusiastic.  In our industry, it is not uncommon for people who work for CBD companies to assume that every customer is educated on the basics of hemp.  But, making this assumption can alienate consumers who know absolutely nothing about CBD, of which there are many.  The right employee makes a customer feel empowered to ask questions about products and doesn’t make them feel embarrassed for not knowing the basics.  Also, they are willing to answer every question, no matter how tedious they may think it is, so that the customer feels heard and valued.

#2: Education

Anyone who works for a CBD company has an obligation to educate customers.  Like we said, cannabidiol is still fairly new that a lot of customers want to know more about it before they try it.  Your staff needs to be educated on the ins and outs of hemp to be able to answer questions accurately.  You could lose customers if your staff is giving out incorrect information, such as, for instances, telling a customer that a topical is the perfect choice for managing stress or any CBD gummy or tincture is perfect of bed.

#3: Helpfulness

Staff should be helpful when it comes to specific hemp-related questions.  They should be able to help a customer find exactly the product they need for a particular concern or goal that they have related to their wellness.  The ideal employee should be able to tell a customer how much of a product to take for the best results, and how often they should take it.  Because of the many variables that determine the success one can have with CBD, your staff must be able to provide as much information as possible to ensure that the customers use the product correctly and therefore get the best results, so that they build faith in your business.

Employee Training Based on the Size of Your Business

Training employees relies on different procedures depending on the size of your business. 

Training Employees if You Have a Small CBD Business

If you operate a small business with a handful of employees, it’s up to you, the business owner, to oversee the main aspects of training.  If you do have a manager, he or she can carry some of that burden, but ultimately, you’re the one who is in charge of ensuring that each new employee is fully trained.

First and foremost, you need to develop a consistent training program that each new employee will undergo.  An employee handbook is critical, as it can provide more detailed information that concerns every aspect of working for your business.  Your training procedure should include lots of education on CBD itself, along with customer service practices that are proven to be successful, and methods for maximizing sales.

Training Employees if You Have a Large CBD Business

If you have a larger CBD business, your training will probably be carried out by HR.  Every large company needs a solid human resources department so that training is handled in a consistent and thorough manner.  Your Human Resources Department should consist of staff who are both friendly to new employees and have the patience to ensure that they are professionally trained in all aspects of working for your company.  Also, HR staff should be extremely educated when it comes to CBD in order to pass this information down to employees who will be handling sales.

Helpful Tips for a Better Staff

Here is some final quick advice for training your staff to ensure that they can sell products successfully while leaving customers feeling happy and overall satisfied with their experience at your shop, be it online or brick and mortar.

Tip #1: Offer Samples

Your staff is going to be talking about the products that you sell, so it is good to give them samples so that they can try them out for themselves.  We know that employees are more likely to speak enthusiastically about a particular product if they have personal experience with it, and this enthusiasm can entice customers to make the purchase.

Note: Make sure that you are permitted to do so, depending upon what the state requirements are regarding samples as well as the product you are allowing a customer to sample.

Tip #2: Check Seminars and Conventions

It’s always a good idea to send your employees to seminars and conventions relating to the CBD business, so that they can learn more about hemp and use this information to help customers.

Tip #3: Create a Positive and Fair Work Environment

Your employees will not be as enthusiastic about selling your products if they do not feel empowered in their work environment.  Strive to ensure that employees’ needs are met and that they are all treated fairly.

Running a CBD Business isn’t Necessarily Easy

However, one way to ensure that it operates more smoothly and profitably is by taking the training process seriously when hiring new employees.  Training is key to making sure that all of your customers are satisfied from the moment they walk into your door to the moment they try their new CBD product at home.

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