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Choosing the Right CBD Oil

July 15, 2022
By Alexa Ooley

When looking to invest in an everyday-CBD product, most people often turn to CBD Oils. Favored for their reliability, discreteness, and price- CBD Oils are a great stable when establishing a wellness routine. But before you take the leap, there are a few important things to consider…

Not All CBD Oils are Created Equally

Just like a gas-station coffee differs from one bought at a local coffee-roaster, CBD Oils absolutely come in a range of qualities. From sourcing ingredients, to the potency, or just the overall flavor- these are just some of the factors you will want to consider before purchasing your own CBD Oil.

Milligram Strength – Potency

The milligram strength of a CBD Oil tells you how many milligrams of pure cannabinoids are in the whole bottle. For example, our Classic CBD Oil’s come in a 500mg or 1,000mg potency. Therefore, each bottle has 500mg/1,000mg of pure CBD in each bottle; this does not mean that you will be taking 500mg every time you consume your oil however. Most oils will recommend taking 1mL at a time (a droppers worth) which in our example, has closer to 16mg/32mg per dose.

CBD Oils come in a wide variety of potencies starting with as low as 100 milligrams all the way up to 5,000 milligrams or more. Choosing the right CBD Oil depends a lot on potency! If you are shopping for your first CBD Oil you will obviously want to start with a lower potency/dose with more CBD than THC. But if you are an experienced consumer, get creative and experiment with different potencies and cannabinoids!

Seventh Hill is proud to have a variety of cannabinoids available in our Oils including a CBN Oil great for sleep and our new extra potent 6:1 Balance Oil. Science says the more cannabinoids the merrier, so feel free to try multiple doses at once for maximum effects once you feel comfortable doing so.

Quality Ingredients

CBD Oils are meant to be consumed regularly (if not daily) and should have simple + clean ingredients that will not disrupt your pre-existing diet. Even better if the ingredients are ethically sourced and/or organic. 

Seventh Hill uses four natural ingredients in our Oils:

  1. Hemp Seed Oil: the carrier oil.
  2. Hemp Extract: the plant magic.
  3. Sunflower Lecithin: binds it all together.
  4. Botanical Terpenes: effects + flavor.


Most CBD Oils have some sort of flavor added. Here are the two things you need to consider in regards to choosing the right CBD Oil:

  1. If you’re going to be taking something daily, you want to make sure that the flavor profile appeals to your taste buds, or else you might give up on the product before you finish it up.
  2. You need to take into consideration how the oil is flavored. Does it flavoring come from naturally derived terpenes? Or are the flavors derived from synthetic ingredients that might not be so good for your body in the long run? 

Seventh Hill uses organic botanical terpenes to give our Oils their sweet + subtle flavor plus they add additional benefits to our oils (mentioned in the next section!). Carefully explore the ingredients to make sure that they work with your unique needs.

Overall Effects

The hemp plant is rich in a diverse array of hundreds of unique compounds, with CBD being just one of them. An oil can have a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes in order to provide different effects. In fact, science has shown that products with both of these compounds tend to be the most effective CBD Oils. Most oils will have a “profile” that promotes relaxation, creativity, productivity, etc. It is important to know how these effects are caused. 

Some companies completely dismiss effects beyond the CBD, while others use ground herbs or other ingredients. Seventh Hill strategically uses terpenes in conjunction with complex cannabinoid profiles to give our products unique, complex and potent effects. For example, our Rise CBD Oil has uplifting terpenes for a sativa-inspired experience. Whereas our CBN Oil has relaxing terpenes that work in harmony with its cannabinoid profile to promote sleep.

The Carrier Oil

Cannabinoids + terpenes are the plant magic, and the oil is the message carrier. Cannabinoids bind best to fatty substances which is why infused-butter is always super potent. In the case for CBD Oil, it important that the carrier oil used should be neutral in flavor and healthy to ingest on a daily basis. 

Seventh Hill uses this Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil which is crafted with hulled-out hemp seeds and a cold-press method. We prefer this oil for its rich fatty content which helps with cannabinoid consumption plus has additional health benefits. Plus it just felt right to put the cannabinoids and terpenes back into something familiar.


Many people are surprised to learn what it costs to produce a quality CBD product. Most often times, the ingredients and labor cost more than the CBD itself. There is a fine line when it comes to correlating a higher price tag with higher quality. Charging more than $40 for 500mg is unnecessary- no matter how quality the ingredients. Most folks seek comfort from their CBD Oil everyday, there is no need to charge an arm and a leg for one of the most simple products.

Third Party Testing

One thing that you must look for whenever buying a CBD product is a third-party lab test.  Any legitimate hemp company should send batches of finished product to a third-party lab for thorough, unbiased testing, and then provide the given analysis to consumers.  A lab report shows customers the exact amount of mg present in the finished product and is an irreplaceable seal of trust for a brand.

Choosing the Right CBD Oil

CBD Oils are a discrete, safe, effective and extremely reliable way to experiment with hemp derived products. However not all CBD Oils are created with the same integrity. Be sure to do your own research before purchasing your own CBD Oil.

Featured Products

A small amber bottle wrapped in a yellow label with a citrus graphic

Rise CBD Oil

Our Classic Rise CBD Oil is crafted with a sativa-inspired terpene profile and very small amounts of THC making it great for daytime use.

A small amber bottle wrapped in a green label with an apple and cloves.

6:1 Balance Oil

Our 6:1 Balance Oil has the highest concentration of THC allowed in a 2oz. bottle. Each dose has 3-5mg of THC, ideal for those that have been using CBD for a long time.

A small amber bottle wrapped in a pink label with a mango and lavender

CBN Chill Oil

Our CBN Chill Oil is ideal for those looking for deep relief without high amounts of THC. Beginner friendly and ideal for those overwhelmed by edibles!