Can You Still Take CBD After Getting Your COVID Vaccine Shot?

January 12, 2017
by david nadel

Are you planning on getting vaccinated against COVID in the near future?  The COVID vaccine is finally available to all who want it, and there are still many of Americans who have yet to get the jab.

If you do plan to get the COVID vaccine soon, and you are also someone who uses cannabidiol (CBD), then you’ll want to keep reading.  While the Center for Disease Control (CDC) unfortunately has nothing to say about using CBD following a shot, we are going to offer everything we know to help you make the best decision for your health.

Can You Get Vaccinated if There is CBD in Your System?

Not sure whether or not it is advisable to take CBD after getting COVID vaccinated with either dose?  Before we even discuss using CBD after getting vaccinated, let’s first cover whether or not it is okay to get a shot if you have taken cannabidiol within the last 24 hours. 

Again, there are simply no studies indicating whether or not this is advisable, so we unfortunately cannot give a definitive answer.  However, what we can say is that the CDC has been clear when it comes to who should and shouldn’t take the shot, and has absolutely nothing to say about CBD, or even cannabis in general.

There have not been any reported instances either of a person experiencing side effects due to getting the jab after using cannabidiol.  Basically, it is unlikely that this is something that you really need to worry about.

CBD After the COVID Vaccine: Safe?

More people are concerned about whether or not it is actually safe to take a dose of CBD within 24 hours of receiving a dose of the vaccine.  Again, there is no guidance about whether or not this is advisable from the CDC. 

One thing that the CDC does say is that you should refrain from taking NSAID painkillers following the shot, because these drugs have a suppressive effect on the body’s immune system, as does the vaccine itself.  Therefore, taking these two things together could potentially weaken the immune system, very temporarily, but enough to make a person more at risk of developing another kind of infection. 

Also, drugs that suppress the immune system could potentially interfere with the vaccine’s ability to fully work in the body.

So, what about CBD, which seems to offer anti-inflammatory properties of its own?  Well, the answer is simple: we don’t know.  There just has not been any data collected among those who have taken CBD after getting the shot.  Cannabidiol though does seem to work in a gentler manner than NSAIDs, so keep this in mind.

Should You Use CBD in an Internal or a Topical Manner?

Anyone out there looking to use CBD in a cautious manner following their COVID vaccine, we recommend a topical-based solution if that’s compatible with your needs.  Using hemp topically may be a better option than using an internal method.  Why?  It’s due to the form it’s in not interacting much with the body’s internal system.  Instead, it concentrates on the tissue of the skin, muscles, and joints.  In other words, when cannabinoids absorb in a transdermal manner, it doesn’t seem to really interact directly with the body’s immune system.

And, that being said, we have heard of people applying a CBD topical to the arm that was injected, to aid in soreness.  While we cannot recommend this due to our lack of knowledge about the safety of using hemp overall following a vaccine dose, we know that some hemp enthusiasts have found this to be helpful.

Also, the potential for CBD to interact with the COVID vaccine in some way is largely dose-dependent.  So, if your doctor has told you to take CBD daily through some internal method like an edible or tincture, it is possible that the dose being taken daily is still compatible with the vaccine.

Talk to Your Doctor

Because we cannot provide any medical advice, the only person who is authorized to tell you whether or not you can safely use cannabidiol or other hemp-based products following the COVID vaccine is your doctor.  So, for any hemp users who might be worried about how your jab will interfere with your routine, tell your doctor how much CBD you take daily, what form it’s taken in, and all other relevant information.  From there, they can give you their opinion if taking CBD after your vaccine dose is a good idea.

Final Thoughts

The good news is that as of now, there has been no data indicating that taking cannabidiol before or after a dose of the COVID vaccine has led to any kind of harm.  Still, the CDC has not made any statements on the matter.  And, as we cannot stress this enough, the only person who can determine whether or not it’s safe to take CBD alongside a COVID shot is your doctor.  If you have any concerns, schedule an appointment with them leading up to your vaccine shot to discuss this with them in-person.

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