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5 Reasons to Buy CBD and THC Edibles Online

October 24, 2022
By Alexa Ooley

Even though most states have legalized cannabis, many folks nationwide are still shopping for CBD and THC edibles online. 

The Hemp Industry is estimated to reach a value of over $4,000 million in 2022 and is expected to consistently grow by 16% over the eight years. Last year alone, Seventh Hill sold thousands of infused treats to folks all across the nation- and we’re just one of hundreds of CBD Brands. Even with over half of the states with recreational Cannabis, folks are still shopping online for CBD and THC products. Whether it’s just more convenient or perhaps it’s price related, there are a handful of reasons why you should jump on this trend.

1. Convenience

There are so many choices when it comes to CBD and THC edibles these days. Being able to take your time while shopping online for a new edible can be SO helpful. Plus browsing the shelves at dispensaries can be daunting- there’s almost too many choices and sometimes it can be hard to accurately hear what the budtender is saying when you ask for help. It’s such a 2022-thing, but there is truly nothing like being cuddled up on the couch while shopping for your favorite edibles.

2. Price

Depending on where you live, edibles in the dispensary can be EXPENSIVE. Some states draft extremely complicated (and expensive) rules that Cannabis Processors and Distributors have to abide by that sometimes come with a cost. These cost makes a huge impact on a business and will often end up making the final product cost more as a result.  While the Hemp Industry does have rules and regulations, the standards aren’t as intense as the Rec. Cannabis Industry and come with a lighter cost. It’s the difference between a $5 edible, and a $16 edible. Hemp-derived products are also taxed just like any other purchased-good, while dispensaries charge anywhere from 5-20% in taxes! Also, dispensaries are often cash-only, making you take out money in increments of $20 which can be really inconvenient when you’re trying to be in control of your spending. Plus more often than not, I end up tipping my budtender a few bucks too. A trip to the dispensary can be expensive. If saving money is important to you, shopping for your CBD and THC edibles online could be the move you need to make to save some money.

3. Ships to Your Door

There really isn’t anything better than coming home after a long day and finding a box of your favorite THC Gummies waiting at your door- that’s adult bliss right there. Why add another thing to your t0-do list when you can just spend a few minutes shopping on your phone?

4. More Options + Variety

If you’re the kind of person that enjoys trying new things, shopping online is probably not a foreign concept for you. It is truly a modern-luxury to be able to shop products nationwide from the comfort of your home. Instead of being limited to the edibles at your local dispensary, there are hundreds of options available with just a few taps and swipes. You can experience hand crafted edibles with top-quality ingredients no matter where you live.

5. Privacy Protected

Some folks like to keep their cannabis use a secret, and that is 100% valid. For some folks, it can be a huge risk to visit their local dispensary. Rather than risk running into someone you know, many cannabis consumers find it extremely comforting to know they can order, receive and enjoy their CBD and THC edibles tactfully without ever jeopardizing their privacy. 

Wrapping Up

We are so lucky to be able to order safe, reliable, and quality CBD and THC edibles online. Often times, shopping online for edibles is more convenient, cost effective and in some ways more exciting knowing that the possibilities are endless online. Whether you are looking for an extra potent sativa gummy, or a relaxing indica caramel, you are bound to find it on the world wide web.