10 Things You Must Consider Before Purchasing CBD Tinctures

February 8, 2021
by david nadel

Many hemp enthusiasts have found that CBD tinctures offer the perfect way for delivering the compounds of the hemp plant into the body on a daily basis.  However, as you probably have heard this countless times, not all CBD tinctures are created equally.  A tincture formula can be unique in a number of ways, ranging from how it’s manufactured to what it tastes like, and how potent it is in terms of the effects of CBD.

When Buying CBD Oil, Certain Things Do Matter

When shopping for a new CBD tincture, there are numerous things you need to consider, in order to ensure that you end up with the product that’s most capable of suiting your more unique preferences and goals. We will discuss ten things that you should factor into your buying decision when selecting a CBD tincture formula.

Factor #1: Milligram Strength

The milligram strength of a CBD tincture tells you how many milligrams of pure hemp extract are in the total formula.  Therefore, the milligram strength informs you on the potency level of each dose you will be taking.  The higher the strength, the more potent each dose will be.

Tinctures come in a uniquely wide variety of milligram strengths, starting with as low as 100 milligrams all the way up to 5,000 milligrams or more (depending upon where you go to buy them).  To figure out how many milligrams that means per dose, simply divide the number of milligrams by the number of milliliters total in the bottle, as a milliliter counts as one dose. 

To choose the right milligram strength, it is recommended that you decide how strong the dose should be.  Just ask yourself what you’re using CBD for, and how strong you desire its effects to be based on how you are feeling.

Factor #2: Whether or Not the Hemp is Organic

By and large, organic hemp is superior to hemp grown conventionally.  The use of pesticides and other toxins can interfere with the purity levels of the hemp extract and can even interfere with the stability of the individual compounds.  Companies should always clearly state whether or not the hemp that they use is organic.  Why?  Because more consumers are becoming aware of the importance of this specific factor. 

When shopping for a tincture, look for some indication that the hemp comes from an organic farm.  Ideally, a manufacturer will clearly state this information on their website. 

Factor #3: Where is the Product Made

While CBD tinctures made overseas aren’t necessarily inferior, generally speaking, domestic is the way to go.  The main reason is the stability of the product.  The less it has to travel to get to your door, the better.  Shipping to the United States can take weeks, during which the hemp can be exposed to all kinds of unfavorable conditions that can result in the compounds degrading.  Furthermore, CBD tinctures made in America, with domestically sourced ingredients, mean that the product totally adheres to our federal manufacturing standards, which may be higher than other countries.

Factor #4: A Tincture’s Flavor

A lot of tinctures are flavored, and it is important to consider this for a few reasons. 

  1. If you’re going to be taking something daily, you want to make sure that the flavor profile appeals to your taste buds, or else you might give up on the product before you finish it up.
  2. You need to take into consideration how the tincture is flavored. Does it flavoring come from naturally derived hemp terpenes?  Does it contain essential oils that give it a unique taste?  Or are the flavors derived from synthetic ingredients that might not be so good for your body in the long run? 
  3. Carefully explore the flavoring ingredients to make sure that they work with your unique needs.

Factor #5: The Hemp Compounds

The hemp plant is rich in a diverse array of hundreds of unique compounds, with CBD being just one of them.  A CBD tincture can, in fact, contain a wide variety of compounds derived from hemp, with each compound boasting its own properties.  When shopping for a tincture, look for information about which compounds are found in the hemp extract.  For instance:

  • CBD isolate is a pure cannabidiol extract.
  • Full spectrum offers every compound in hemp including various terpenes and nutrients.
  • Broad spectrum is a THC-free version of full spectrum, and nowadays, we are also seeing tinctures that star other cannabinoids such as Cannabinol (CBN) and Cannabigerol (CBG).

Factor #6: The Carrier Oil

Hemp extract is just one ingredient in a tincture.  The tincture must contain a carrier oil that dilutes the hemp.  The carrier oil used should be neutral in flavor and healthy to ingest on a daily basis.  We like clean, natural oils like hempseed oil, MCT oil and olive oil.  Make sure that the manufacturer clearly states what they use as their carrier oil and avoid formulas that contain lots of fillers and additives that don’t actually benefit you or the product.

Factor #7: The GMO Status

Always opt for tinctures with a non-GMO status.  GMO ingredients are genetically modified, and this can take away from your CBD experience while putting potentially unhealthy ingredients into your body.  Hemp should never be genetically modified, as this can disrupt the chemical composition that is so desirable.

Factor #8: What is the Expiration Date?

Many people are surprised to learn that CBD expires.  The hemp extract in a tincture is good for about two years.  After that time has elapsed, it’s not unsafe, but it will be weak in terms of potency, as the chemical compounds break down gradually due to oxidization.

Obviously, when you buy a CBD tincture, you want to make sure that it stays nice and potent for the duration of your using it.  That’s why you should check the expiration date before purchasing, to ensure that the time isn’t running out to get as much out of the formula as possible.

Factor #9: Its Source

When buying CBD oil, it is important to consider not only what you are buying, but who you are buying it from.  For instance, we do not recommend buying a tincture in a gas station, because people who run these types of businesses are rarely interested in selling top-quality CBD, but more interested in making money off of a widely popular item.  Buy your tinctures from trusted manufacturers who offer a lot of information on their website about how their product is made.

Factor #10: Lab-Testing

One thing that you must look for whenever buying CBD product is proof of third-party testing.  Any legitimate hemp company should send batches of hemp extract to a third-party lab for thorough, unbiased testing, and provide the given analysis to consumers.  A lab report on a company’s website gives a breakdown of objective information about the hemp, including the purity level and chemical composition, to assure customers that the product is high in quality overall. 

Make Sure the Tincture You Buy Truly Meets Your Needs and Preferences

CBD tinctures are easy to take and offer a uniquely bioavailable means for experiencing the properties of the hemp plant.  But, before you consider buying any type or branded CBD tincture, you need to keep these considerations in mind, as this will help determine how much you’ll enjoy the product, and how effective it will be.  By paying attention to each fact, you will be far more likely to have a successful hemp-based experience that potentially helps you meet those goals you have set for yourself.

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